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Shaanxi Bailes Import and export Service Co., LTD,Short for: "Bares Customs Broker" is an import and export customs declaration and inspection enterprise co-founded by a number of senior customs clearance specialists,Specializing in all kinds of supervision methods of import and export goods customs clearance, commodity inspection and inspection, logistics and warehousing services, marking and labeling as well as some enterprises of the customs tax reduction and exemption approval procedures, certificate of origin, dangerous package certificate application,Animal and plant inspection and quarantine license, automatic import license, ATA documents, import processing, incoming processing and outbound processing, export processing and other trade manual processing, tax guarantee (deposit letter), letter of credit review, international settlement,International bills of exchange, international collection, and export tax refund;Acting customs declaration and inspection of goods in and out of export processing zones and comprehensive bonded zones;The company in general trade, processing trade, customs transfer and return, temporary import and export goods, personal goods and other trade items under the customs clearance, declaration, inspection, import and export agency business to provide professional quality services。The staff of the company have many years of customs work experience, familiar with international customs regulations, policies, business operation procedures, and accumulated rich experience in import and export customs declaration and inspection in practice, to assist import and export enterprises to avoid potential risks and promote the healthy development of international business of import and export enterprises。
With the service concept of "efficient, professional and accurate", the company provides comprehensive and high-quality customs clearance services for all kinds of foreign and foreign trade enterprises。The company's customs declaration and inspection fields mainly include meat, food, fruit, seafood and aquatic products, plant extracts, machinery and equipment, mechanical and electrical products, electronic products, chemical raw materials, cosmetics, semiconductors, instruments and many other industries;

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