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Bonded storage
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Bonded storage

Bonded warehousing refers to the use of customs approvalBonded warehouse存放Bonded goodsWarehousing behavior。Bonded goods are mainly needed after temporary entryre-exportOr import goods for which the Customs has approved a suspension of duty。Bonded storage is under the direct control of customs, although the goods are also controlled byThe depositorIn trust, butpreserverTo be responsible for the customs, warehousing or warehousing documents need to be signed by the customs。Bonded storage is generally carried out near the port of entry and exit。

The bonded warehousing business independently managed by the third party logistics is a newly launched bonded logistics business in recent years, which is highly efficient according to the General Administration of CustomsBonded goodsImport and export declarationAnd the new management mode of tax payment。Under this new management model,Bonded warehouseCan be locatedBonded areaOutside, customs delegate part of the operating procedures, byThird-party logistics enterpriseIndependent management, the customs can check the bonded warehouse inventory at any time, the bonded warehouse to implement supervision。

The bonded warehouse declares the import and export list of goods to the customs once a month, and checks the inventory of bonded goods with the customs system, which greatly simplifies the formalities of entering and leaving the customs and speeds up the customs clearance。This management mode is especially suitable for bonded inventory business of maintenance spare parts with high time and inventory requirements。

The difference with warehousing

The difference between bonded storage and general storage is that the supervision of bonded storage is much greater。The full cycle of goods in the warehouse needs to be able to grasp in real time, so保税Warehouse management information system requirements are also much higher。Inventory informatization can comprehensively control and manage the logistics of enterprises through the operation of warehousing, discharging, moving and stocktaking of inventory items, which can reduce inventory and reduce inventoryAppropriation of fundsTo eliminate the backlog and shortage of materials, improve the level of service, and ensure the smooth progress of production and business activities。

Management system

Self-managed bonded warehousing and logistics enterprises must pass the strict audit of the customs in order to operate。First of all, self-managedBonded warehouseLogistics enterprises must have a good management system, but also have a good integrity, to ensure the collection of national tariffs, never evading taxes,Bonded goodsThe logistics process must conformChina CustomsManagement standard, strict implementation of customsImport and export declarationRules;secondly,Self-managed bonded warehouse logistics enterprises must be able to provide high quality, meet the requirements of the logistics services,Among them, spare parts can be kept, stored, packaged, distributed, recovered and returned in strict accordance with the requirements of the cargo owner,Ensure that spare parts can be correctly, quickly, on time, quality delivery to the owner。

With the continuous increase of customers, the types of spare parts continue to expand, the service area continues to extend, and the spare parts logistics management modes of different customers are different.Logistics costSettlement is not only a variety of names and rules are different, and customers' requirements for logistics services are also constantly increasing。Original spare partsBonded logisticsThe operating system can not meet the requirements of the company's business development, it is necessary to establish a new integrated third-party logistics bonded warehousing management system。

Third party bondLogistics management information systemIt can meet the management needs of the customs on the entry, exit, storage, return, exchange and tax payment of bonded goods, and meet the different logistics management requirements of different cargo owners on the storage, storage, packaging, distribution, return and recovery of bonded spare parts;Ability to adapt to multiple organizational structuresLogistics companyManagement and multi-warehouse unified management requirements;It can meet the needs of bonded or duty-paid logistics management of different spare parts for multiple owners;It can meet the needs of business development of cargo owners,Rapid delivery services in different regions;Can quickly adjust and adapt to the changing requirements of the cargo owner's spare parts logistics management process;Ability to manage cooperative carriers,Regular settlement including expenses;Able to set a variety ofLogistics cost(including various customs duties and VAT collected by customs),The system automatically settles logistics costs and various taxes according to business volume,Can also manually adjust and supplement special expenses;The cargo owner can check the order execution, inventory and logistics cost settlement at any time;The Customs shall control the import, export, storage, return, exchange and duty payment of bonded spare parts in the bonded warehouse at any time;The system supports warehouse useRFAnd bar code equipment, the warehouse location, spare parts to achieveBar code management, used in the warehouseRFPerform online operations to improve efficiency, reduce error rates, and reduceLogistics cost;Available data interface,Automatically import orders from different cargo owners into the logistics system;Manage the price, batch number and serial number of spare parts;It can track and query the whole process of spare parts.Produce all kinds of reports required by the owner according to the report format required by the owner;In the future, we can expand related functions smoothly,Realize customs declaration management, freight forwarding management and transportation management,And the integrated initial data is shared in each module;Provide various analysis reports,Provide data basis for management,Continuous improvement management,Improve service quality,提高Customer satisfaction

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