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Express customs clearance
International express customs clearance
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Shaanxi Bailes Import and export Service Co., LTDEngaged in professional customs clearance services for our customers to provide international express customs clearance services,Business types include:EMSPostal international express customs clearanceUPSInternational express customs clearance,Fedex/TNT Fedex customs clearance,DHLInternational express customs clearance, as well as international express export customs clearance, inbound and outbound luggage items, inbound and outbound personal items of passengers, necessary items for the journey, travel self-use items, etc。

 The company has operated many items customs clearance cases such as:Clothing, shoes and hats, household appliances, electronic products, food and cosmetics, hardware accessories, plastic accessories, wooden furniture, wine samples, food samples,3CProducts, accessories, wear items, ornaments, porcelain, tea sets, toys, model products, calligraphy and painting artworks, personal items returned to China, gifts, international mail personal items, etc。

1. Reasons for the withholding of EMS emails?

1、Detained by customsEMSThere are no more than three cases of mail: the total value of mail does not arrive at the tax point without tax release, the total value of mail arrives at the tax point after tax release, the total value of mail exceeds the limit or the items in the mail exceeds the scope of reasonable personal use need to be declared as goods

2、Under normal circumstances,EMSMail is imported through goods declaration,If it is necessary to declare goods,It is necessary to broker the customs declaration through the customs declaration company (individuals do not have the right to declare,Only enterprises registered by customs have them,General international mail processing center customs clearance hall will agent customs clearance company residence),To provide a lot of customs documents (bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, etc.),The common food, cosmetics and other goods can hardly be reported (can not declare customs can only apply for return);

3、收到EMSIn this case, customs declaration refers to the recipient to the customs declaration hall, the customs face to face and confirm the internal items with the recipient, the customs will generally accept the transaction voucher provided by the recipient (order screenshots, purchase receipts, etc.) as the basis for item verification, and calculate the tax。

Second, how to clear customs for international express?

International express customs clearance process:

1Shipper's delivery

2The Courier company contacts the recipient

3Documents and goods information provided by the recipient: documents refer to a copy of a valid ID card or passport;Cargo information refers to the detailed Chinese name, quantity, value and brand of the goods。

4The express company audited and declared

5、海关/Quarantine inspection: All items need to be declared, but not all items need to be unpacked for inspection

6Taxes: Taxes=Duty paid value*Tax rate (Customs value refers to the price of goods confirmed by the customs after examination and approval according to law, which is used as the basis for taxation)



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